Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Eventrac, a new events functionality to build event-driven applications on the Google Cloud

Learn about Eventrac, a new events functionality to easily build event-driven applications on the Google Cloud
Source: Google Cloud Blog

Google Cloud recently announced the first preview of Eventrac, a new events functionality to easily build event-driven applications on the Google Cloud. With Eventrac, it will be possible to add event functionality that allows you to trigger Cloud Run from more than 60 Google Cloud resources.

Another benefit is that you can also trigger these events from your own code by exchanging messages between microservices by publishing to Google Cloud Pub/Sub. All without having to manage the underlying infrastructure.

What can we do with Eventrac?

With Eventarc you can for example leverage its event-driven functionality from Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Firestore and other Google Cloud resources to address multiple operations that traditionally run asynchronously including backend processing for file conversion, new user signup, application monitoring, and many, many others. 

When paired with Cloud Run, Eventrac allows building a simple event-based architecture without having to manage the underlying infrastructure.


These are some of the features we get with Eventrac:

  • scalability
  • no minimum fees
  • no need manage the underlying infrastructure
  • exchange events between your Google Cloud sources
  • push and receive events from custom sources by publishing to Google Cloud Pub/Sub 
  • adhere to the CloudEvents standard for all your events, regardless of source, to ensure a consistent developer experience


As of now the service is available in five Google Cloud locations and can also be used from its own API and CLI and also within Cloud Run’s UI.

More Information

For more information about Eventrac, read this article and watch this awesome talk.


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