Friday, December 11, 2020

DocAI now available in preview

Learn about the newly released Document AI platform and how it can help your business

Source: Google Cloud Blog

There's a lot in Google Cloud AI that organizations doing data transformations (including manually extracting data from complex documents at scale) these days can benefit from. With the release of the Document AI platform, it becomes even easier to transform documents into structured data increasing the speed of decision making, expanding business and developing better experiences for customers.

Why use DocAI

With DocAI you can:

  • Make better decisions using document data and make it available to your applications and users
  • Automate and validate your data to make your workflows more efficient and free from guesswork
  • Rely on Google's security model and world-scale infrastructure keep your organization secure
  • Use your document data to gain new insights about your products and meet customer expectations

What's available in the Preview

The preview version of DocAI (Document AI platform) enables you to:

  • automate and validate all your documents - streamline compliance workflows, reduce guesswork, and keep data accurate and compliant.
  • improve operational efficiency - by extracting structured data from unstructured documents and making that available to your business applications and users.
  • leverage insights to meet customer expectations

Data Extraction

Data extraction is also easier thanks to parsers built with Google Cloud’s predefined taxonomy, without the need to perform additional data mapping or training.

Using DocAI

Using DocAI is also straightforward and via an intuitive frontend (as shown on the below image). For more information, please check the official documentation.  

Source: Google Cloud Blog

Learning more about DocAI

For more information about DocAI, read the the DocAI platform documentation. To learn more about DocAI, check the official documentation.


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