Monday, November 9, 2020

Get Started with the new Cloud Shell Editor

The Google Cloud just updated their Cloud Shell so we can access our cloud resources directly from the browser. A new Cloud Shell Editor, powered by the Eclipse Theia IDE platform is also available. 

New Features

Cloud-native development via Cloud Code plugin support

Cloud Shell Editor is a fully functional development tool that requires no local setup, and is available directly from the browser. Let’s take a deeper look at how Cloud Shell Editor integrates with the rest of the Google Cloud developer ecosystem. It's consists in a pre-configured VM with all the tools you need to get going with cloud-native development on Google Cloud, including:
  • Local emulators for Kubernetes and serverless, and
  • Command line tools for working with cloud-native apps

Support for Go, Java, .NET, Python and NodeJS

Cloud Shell Editor now includes advanced language support for Go, Java, .Net, Python and Node.js out of the box, providing powerful editing features such as syntax highlighting, code suggestions, linting, code navigation, refactoring, testing and intuitive debugging support.

Rich language support.jpg
Source: Google Cloud Blog

Integrated source control

Integrated source control via Git and support for IDE workspaces, leveraging existing Theia development features.

Version control.jpg
Source: Google Cloud Blog

Support for multiple projects

Cloud Code offers capabilities such as: an integrated Kubernetes and Cloud Run development and debugging environment; container tools such as minikube and Jib integrated to provide local emulators and quick response to tests for faster local development. It also includes an integrated API explorer to make it easy to incorporate Google APIs into your application.

Cloud Code integration.gif
Source: Google Cloud Blog

Trying out the new features

Interested in learning about the new features? Check these tutorials:

  • Google Kubernetes Engine: Create and deploy a containerized web app with Cloud Shell Editor
  • Cloud Run: Create and deploy a Cloud Run serverless service with Cloud Shell Editor


For more information, check the official announcement on Google Cloud.

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