Friday, November 20, 2020

.NET 5 now available on Google Cloud

The .NET 5 framework was released just a few days ago and is already supported by Google Cloud.

Google Cloud for long has support for all the tools .NET developers need to build cloud-native applications including a rich SDKs, inline IDEs and native runtime support on Cloud Run, App Engine, and GKE. Now Google Cloud can also run your applications utilizing the just-released  .NET 5 framework.

.NET Support in the Google Cloud

But running .NET on GCP is not new. Google Cloud already supports different versions of the framework including: 

  • .NET classic, on Windows Servers in Compute Engine
  • Windows Containers in GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine)
  • Linux based containerized .NET apps with App Engine (Flex)
  • and support for Cloud Run

Cloud Functions

.NET is also supported on Cloud Functions. Currently only .NET Core 3.1 is available and since 3.1 is a LTS release and the migration to .NET 5 should be straightforward, be assured that it's a safe choice. GCP is also a running a previews Google Cloud Functions on .NET. for serverless execution.

What's new in .NET 5

.NET 5 brings many new features and improvements including C#9, F#5, performance improvements, easier application deployment, and scope extended to support Windows Arm64 and WebAssembly. With .NET 5.0 Microsoft finally merges .NET Core and .NET classic in one framework targeting Windows, Linux, macOS in multiple architectures. 

Deploying .NET 5 to Cloud Run

Deploying your apps to Cloud Run is as simple as:
gcloud run deploy --image${GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT}/hello-dotnet5 --platform managed --allow-unauthenticated

✓ Deploying... Done.
✓ Creating Revision...
✓ Routing traffic...
✓ Setting IAM Policy...


Service [svc-name] revision [svc-name-rev-name] has been deployed and is serving 100 percent of traffic.

Service URL:

More Information

For more information regarding .NET's support in Google Cloud, check this page.


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