Thursday, December 3, 2020

Machine Learning certification available for Google Cloud

The Google Cloud team recently announced a new certification in Machine Learning for the Google Cloud. This is great news for those seeking to expand (and demonstrate) their skills in the area.

Why a Machine Learning certification?

Machine learning is already a reality as more than two-thirds of organizations already use it. That means lots of jobs for those in the area in the future. Learning ML now also means jobs today since finding employees with the right ML skills is one of the top concerns for IT leaders in 2020.

Becoming a Google Cloud Machine Learning certified

To become a Machine Learning certified on the Google Cloud, check Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer certification for more information. With it, you'll be able to become industry recognized and demonstrate your expertise in designing, building, and running ML models to solve business challenges.

Why become certified?

But with so many open jobs, why become certified? According to independent third-party research, 87% of Google Cloud certified individuals are more confident in their cloud skills and 71% report that the certification enabled or will enable them and their employers to scale up their business and their careers.


For more information about the certification, the material and the exam, check official announcement.

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