Thursday, November 26, 2020

PostgreSQL 13 available on Google Cloud SQL

Things are moving fast on Google Cloud these days. The latest version of the venerable open-source PostgreSQL database is already available in Google Cloud SQL.

What's Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL is a fully managed relational database service provided by Google Cloud offering MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server. Among of the many services offered for these databases are:

  • reduced maintenance cost with fully managed relational databases in the cloud
  • reliable and secure services backed by 24/7 SRE team
  • automatic database provisioning, storage capacity management, and other time-consuming tasks
  • easy integration with existing apps and Google Cloud services like GKE and BigQuery
  • automatic patches and updates, as well as maintenance controls

New Features

Some of our favorite new features in PostgreSQL 13, are:
  • Additional partitioning and pruning
  • Incremental sorting
  • Efficient hash aggregation
  • Efficient storage space reduction enabled in B-tree indexes
  • Vacuuming operations for critical database health operations
  • New monitoring capabilities
  • Automatic patches and updates, as well as maintenance controls 

Learn More

To learn more about Postgres in Cloud SQL, check this link.


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